Why choose Mod05 hotel

Three good reasons for staying in our hotel

1. Because its location is stategic. The hotel is near Gardaland, Caneva, Zoo Safari, Parco Sigurtà. Lake Garda is few kilometres away; you can reach Verona in less than 30 minutes.

2. Because it's comfortable. The communal areas were made for letting guests move freely. The rooms are spacious, bright and, most of all, furnished in a uniquely modern style.

3. Because it's an innovative experience. The hotel was built using eco-friendly methods, so it “lives” with its guests. The façade looks different throughout the day. That's what it means to stay in a cutting-edge hotel.

Did we convince you? So, come visit us. Fill out the form below and book your stay now.

hotel lago di garda

What to do

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Many hotels can be found on Lake Garda: as a matter of fact, Lake Garda is a very popular tourist destination. So, there are cheap family-owned hotels and hotels that fall into the upper-mid price range: all of these have in common a good price/quality ratio. Nevertheless, Lake Garda doesn't only offer hotels or guesthouses: you can also find camping grounds and B&Bs. There are also plenty of family hotels near the theme parks of Lake Garda. One of these hotels is Mod05 hotel. Go through the website, find out its features and book your room now.
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